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Commonly known as: Oac (Pronounced: Oak)
Someone in the military who has yet to see combat and tries too hard to make himself look good in front of superiors, making others look bad.

Typical signs and symptoms of an OAC include, but are not limited to:
- Saying words like, "Hooah", "Squared-Away", "High-speed", "Consolidate", "Water source", "Headgear", "Too easy".
- Being the first to volunteer.
- Having cadences/The Army Song on his iPod.
- Sucking up to leadership.
- Quoting FM's and/or AR's.
*Looking through iPod*
Soldier1: "Why the fuck do you have Army running cadences on your iPod?!"
Over-Achieving Cherry: "'Cause I run to them!"
Soldier2: "Fuckin' OAC!!!"

Over-Achieving Cherry: "I just love jump week, guys.. Jumping is so fun."
Paratrooper1: "WTF? Fuckin' OAC, there's no one here to impress."
by ttwizzler156 February 29, 2012
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