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Girl with a short skirt and a long jacket, who thinks she's massively outdoor but can't belay jack shit in real outdoor situations.

Huge fan of Netflix and Clitoris, but otherwise doesn't know anything about the modern pop-culture (or culture in general) - she thinks Gandalf killed Voldemort during the duel of the fates in Star Wars episode III. She's a skiing unicorn, rarely to be seen as she often encounters stability problems due to her massive balls of steel.

She loves soups, thinks she can cook Halusky but means noodles. Suffers from serious hairshrink but tells people it's convenient.
"I went skiing with the Outdoor chick once, the legend says she's still out there looking for Gandalf."

You: "Yo Dude, let's go climbing."
Me: "Yeah, sure! But don't tell Zuzi, because you know she has climbing dickfingers and we'll die..."

"I was once invited for Halusky dinner over to Zuzi's. I arrived and there were no people and no halusky so I had to cook them myself. I complained and was never invited again."

Average Joe: "Bruh, she's so hot!"
Another average Joe: "Yeah I feel you bro, but now imagine her without that damn hairshrink, she'd be so out of your league"

Average Fero: "Hey dude, do you know who's in the mountains more often than Zuzi - the outdoorchick?"
Average Duro: "Snow?"

Average Fero: "The Mountain Goats, screaming like people"
by fish supreme April 23, 2019
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