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the outback turtle is a special move used against horny homeless women that enjoy a can of hot creamed corn. You first heat the can of creamed corn up using an old lighter stolen from the gas station near your under the bridge hotel. Once the can is hot to the touch, you then insert your filthy dong into the can and stir the corn up using your turtle head. Then you have slow dirty turtle sex behind a dumpster as your partner is about to climax you then dump the hot creamed corn onto her turtle shell and yell cowabunga!
Homeless Whore: Hey I've been panhandling all day I'm horny and hungry as fuck!

Seagrape Sailor: No worries I'm whipping up some outback turtle if your in the mood.

Homeless Whore: Id love some outback turtle, mind if I bring a friend?
by DIRRTY DICK DAN May 06, 2018
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