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Otherwise known as "OLMA" or "Mercy", this is a quaint little Catholic school located in scenic Syosset, Long Island. This all-girls school has been producing some of the world's most fabulous people since 1928. Many people like to make fun of the Mercy girls for going to such a school, but that's just because everyone else is jealous, and wishes they could be a Mercy girl.

Mercy is open practically 24 hours a day, especially since most of the girls there are so desperately involved in school that they contemplate setting up makeshift beds in the locker rooms.

The exterior lures prospective students in with its extensive campus and lovely architecture. The interior dates back to 1970 and is in desperate need of a makeover.
I'm never home anymore, and when I am, I'm always doing homework. Obviously, I go to Our Lady of Mercy Academy!
by ohhh snap. April 08, 2005
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