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A sexual act or game the male performs on the female partner - he ejaculates into several condoms before the sexual act, puts them into the freezer, and waits for them to set. As they begin fornication, the male withdraws and uses a slingshot to launch the frozen cock-bombs into said female partner's cunt. He then ejaculates inside her, melting the cold semen, causing a tidal wave of hot and cold to gush out of her, after which she will be devastated and will want to masturbate for the rest of her life. Most effective being used in tandem with moves such as the Alligator Fuckhouse and Cleveland Steamer for maximum effect.
'I was jockin' my hoe all night, before i blew my load i gave her the Ottoman Fuck Palace'
by FuckPalacePrince September 15, 2011
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