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Spanish preppy equivalent of the English word "like" (used in a slang way).
English: Like, dude, what's wrong with him?!
Spanish: ¿¡Oséa, güey, qué le pasa
by Javy13 March 19, 2007
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A guy you can trust and chill with. Can fuck anyone he feels like fucking. You can never go wrong with oseas he is a brave, funny, and all cool. He will always stay by yours side and won’t let you down
by Oseas February 22, 2019
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this is in spanish meaning "like...really"
tienes el mas bajo grado? (you have the worst grade?)

ai no manches guye, o sea no so naca (yo stop fucking dude like really im not dumb)
by mexbx (: December 06, 2010
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The hottes person u see in a street he is loyal and sexist person
Oseas will become the most hottes person in schools
by Oseas Gonzalez November 01, 2019
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