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Orniphilia is practiced by a small number of female ornithologists / Bird watchers who seek sexual gratification from dead birds.

Orniphilia is the act of turning a dead bird, such as a Robin, Crow or Sparrow hawk into a functional Sex Toy with the ultimate goal of sexual gratification.
Orniphilia is often practiced in outdoor seclusion (woods, fields and thickets) the female Orniphile will perform self sexual intercourse and masturbation using a dead bird as a sexual object. This Involves inserting the bird into the virgina, head first as self made dildo or Ornido.

Many Orniphiles find this type of sexual object highly erotic, especially if the bird is rigid with rigamortis. Often a fresh death is the preferred choice of the Orniphile. Larger birds such as swans and geese have been the preferred bird of choice for the more experienced and extreme Orniphile.

by Killer1981 February 26, 2009
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