A male (usually irish) whose hair is much light than the traditional "red head."
"Man you aint no red head, yous a orange head."
by sorensizzle April 09, 2013
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Account on Yelp.com that does not have a photo associated with it, resulting in the default photo of an outline of a person (which is orange).
Person 1: You need a photo

Person 2: I'm working on it!

Person 1: You're a total orange head right now, you know that, right?

Person 2: I put up a picture... happy?

Person 1: Very. Now write more so you can be elite.
by Jen H December 04, 2008
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Are the Red Heads that don't freakle. They can go into the sun so their hair gets lighter in color. ---- Please note, this might not be true i am just going off urban myth.
Orange Head- Where's my Car?

Red Head - Yo READ THE SIGN!!!- this is a Red head parking place only. All Others will be Towed.

Orange Head- I'm a Red head just a different kind, like a Mexican and Purto Rican

Red Head- My bad
by Cat't think of a name June 06, 2007
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