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1. Female receiving - The oral sex giver performs quick succinct circles around the clitoris with medium to heavy pressure until the receiver quakes with a force likened to a helicopter. The giver should maintain a tight grip on the hips of the female as she is likely to involuntarily pull away in moments of intense pleasure.

2. Male receiving - The oral sex giver rotates the head in a semi-circular pattern when going up and down the shaft providing both horizontal and vertical stimulation. This technique, when done correctly, is usually met with comments such as, "that is the BEST blow job ever."

Both thought to be urban legends, the male and female versions of the oral helicopter are becoming more commonplace in our increasingly sexually experimentative times.
Jeff's oral helicopter incited the most intense orgasm that Mary had ever had. Mary then returned the favor, eliciting a very similar response.
by TheScariest October 14, 2009
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