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If you are having trouble convincing your woman to try anal sex, then the oops maneuver is for you.

This works best if she is unsure about it, but is still curious. This also works best in doggystyle position, because the chances of getting caught attempting the oops maneuver is slim to none. Simply put her in position, get behind her, rubbing your cock on her pussy lips. Then as you go to push it in, "accidentally" let it slip a half inch upwards and into her butthole. Push just hard enough to get your head in (or if she has a tight asshole, so she notices), but not so hard that it looks that you intended for that. Act surprised, even apologize jokingly if need be, but don't remove your dick from her ass. Ask if she likes it, while slowly pushing in deeper. If she says no, then stop. You don't want rape charges. If she says yes, then mission accomplished.
Greg: Stacy wasn't putting out last night. I tried getting her to let me ram her ass hole, but she refused.
Derek: Did you try the oops maneuver?
Greg: No. Gonna do that tonight.
by Papa Stacks January 21, 2014
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