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CRAZY events happen so much that people who hear go


As with most things in "Renée's" life, there are situations she walks into, that make people laugh when they hear about them, as if she telling some kind of joke. The thing is, it's the furthest thing from a laugh... ironic and unbelievable as they may sound, they are true accounts of her life. They may seem to be quite fictional and maybe even funny when You hear about them... just try to remember they are serious as a heart attack for her! They've come very close to taking her life!
"YO, Did you hear what happened?"

"Nah... what?"

"Dude, Renée was walking in from her car in the parking lot for her shift at Lowe's (Home Improvement), and just as she was about to reach the fire lane, right outside the main entrance, dude, SHE GOT HIT BY A CAR ... being driven...

Get this....

By the LOSS PREVENTION MANAGER (LP/Safety) of the store!!!!"

"WTF...? Are you serious...?"

"Dead serious man... yo I swear... Only Renée !"
by ReneeTheG March 21, 2017
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