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An Online Gaming Cunt is an online player who believes that they deserve to win every single game. If they win they will claim it is because they are the better player. If they lose they will moan that they were cheated or that the connection was bad. They will often cheat to win and then claim they are the better player.
An Online Gaming Cunt is an amalgamation of a bad winner and a sore loser.
Jeff is an Online Gaming Cunt. He beat me and spent the next 20 minutes in the lobby calling me shit.

Palcro just cheated to beat me and now he'll tell anyone that will listen that he is the superiour player. He is a complete Online Gaming Cunt.

I just beat Alan and now he's claiming it was becasue his connection was bad. What an Online Gaming Cunt that guy is.
by 100%NotNick April 27, 2010
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