Usually these courses are not offered in school and overachieving students decide to take them. On the other hand, students who fail easy courses have this as an option to retake the course.

Students who take these courses do not even know how to scan homework and take more time scanning it than actually doing it. Usually, these students NEVER catch up, even if they say that they will study every weekend. These courses fail to teach students; however, it does show them how to procastinate more and upload homework exactly at 7:00 pm.

Usually by the end of the course, students wont have an idea of what they just studied for a whole year - they still got a B because they either cheated looking at other students' accounts, or guessed 80% of the multiple choice questions.
Hot Chick: hi handsome... would you like to hang out just us two tonight?

Student taking Online Course: Sure.......................... Sh!t, I have to upload that test - I cant. Plus, my scanner doesnt work, or maybe I dont even know how to use it.

Hot Chick: its ok, ur loss!
by Procastinator14 October 18, 2011
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