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The act of dangling ones nutsack above your girlfriends eyes while she sleeps, and then slowly lowering yourself down until they sit perfectly on her eyelids. Upon awakening, she will be greeted by that most eye-watering of prospects: your hairy, cheesy, smelly bollocks sitting smugly on her eye lids, enough to bring tears to the eyes of even the most tolerant women.
Kev: 'Fuckin ell, I got the missus a treat this morning...'
Daz: 'What fat Ange?'
Kev: 'Yeah, stuck a pair of onion goggles on her, she was pissed out er head last night too, hung over as fuck this morning...'
Daz: 'Bloody ell, howd she take that?'
Kev: 'She hit the roof, don't think it helped that I haven't washed since Wednesday, so my nutsack was cheesy as fuck...she's been blubbing her fat guts out all morning, 1-0!'
by Brian Khan October 27, 2010
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