A person who shows the good side of themselves, while hiding the other side of themselves as being incredibly repulsive, insincere, malicious, and untrustworthy.
You are a one eyed jack around these parts, Dan. I have seen the other side of your face.
by Lexus Nexus July 3, 2014
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A one-eyed jack is, in a standard deck of cards, the Jack of Spades or the Jack of Hearts, both of which are seen in profile (and thus only one eye is seen).
My pair of one eyed jacks blew away her pair of eights
by socioclast83 September 11, 2008
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The act of masturbation and ejaculation in a girl's eye.
After giving his girlfriend a one-eyed jack, he didn't know if he was cumming or going!
by Tas Mania January 11, 2007
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While skull fucking someone in their eye socket, the person pulls out and jerks off on to the socket they were previously penetrating.
James: How'd it go with Julia the other night?

Josh: Not good. She didn't put out so I found some guy down by the train tracks and gave em the ol' One Eyed Jack.

James: Nice dude.
by Paikun November 5, 2017
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