The 6th studio album by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, released in September 1995. The only album to feature Dave Navarro on guitar (in the band 1993-1998). One Hot Minute features a noticeably darker and heavier subject matter than the previous album Blood Sugar Sex Magik. Singles included "Warped," "My Friends," and "Aeroplane." Dave Navarro was fired in 1998 over creative differences. Songs from this album besides "Pea" are never played live -post 1998.

Track Listing:
3."Deep Kick"
4."My Friends"
5."Coffee Shop"
7."One Big Mob"

10."One Hot Minute"
11."Falling into Grace"

12."Shallow Be Thy Game"
A: One Hot Minute is my favorite album, it has raw emotional elements that give it an edge over some of the others.
B: I don't know man, the band was in a pretty depressing place at this point, the band doesn't like the songs from his era, and it just doesn't sound right. Plus it was really f**ked up how Anthony had a make-out session with Dave in the music video for "Warped."
by FACE JINHURTONS September 4, 2010