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A nickname for Australian pop singer and actress Olivia Newton John, who rose to fame with various songs around 1974 and 1975, one entitled "Have You Never Been Mellow?" During this time, nuclear armament science heralded a new invention known as the neutron bomb. It was able to disperse devastating concentrations of life-destroying neutron radiation while leaving buildings and structures intact. Men and boys who didn't appreciate the lilting voice of the singer, who later starred in the Hollywood films Xanadu, def. 1 and 5 and Grease were known to call her by this name. Although they may have fantasized shagging the well-scrubbed songbird, never would they admit to enjoying her enchanting dulcet tones. The name is considered belittling by a Xanadude, and subliminally resembles the title of the rock band known as Olivia Tremor Control.
Dennis turned off the radio in disgust and cued up some heavy metal albums. "Not Olivia Neutron Bomb again. Isn't she ever going to shut up?"
by Nick Estes February 14, 2006
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