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It is the great childrens tale of Old Tom Sleepass. IT begins when this dude is in town and he hears all this noise and shit up in the woods so hes like im gonna go check it out.
and then, when he got up there in the woods, he found these uhh dwarves or elfs or gnomes or something and they were playing some loud ass fuckhat ninepin. and they had all this wine and shit, and they were like sup tom, drink this wine k. and hes like, k.
and then he gets all sleepy and falls asleep under this tree for like a really long time, like a hundred years and shit.
and then later when he woke up it was fuckin sweet, he was all old and had a bad ass wizard beard and shit, and so he walks back to town and is like sup guys, im tom. and they are like, no dude, you arent tom. and hes like wtf.
this one guy rip van winkle tryed to rip off old tom, but he got his ass beat the fuck down.

Mike has been sleeping all fucking day. Hes such an old tom sleepass.
by Mike D! March 08, 2004
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