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A pairing including two members of the band Arashi, Satoshi Ohno and Ninomiya Kazunari, in a romantic relationship is called Ohmiya.

The two perform skits during Arashi concerts as Ohmiya SK. The pairing clicked and are now adored by many Arashi fans.

There was always a strong connection between these two members since their Debut days.

Furthermore it's already standard that Nino's hand rests on Ohno's butt or/and nipples while filming Variety Shows and stuff.
Ohno said once "I'm already used to Nino's touch all over my body, so i've already resigned"
Fangirl: *squeal* Nino and Ohno were kissing on stage while performing as Ohmiya SK!!!*dies*

(-Ohmiya Rabu Rabu Talk "WINK UP"-)
Ohno: Nino let's think about getting married!
Nino: I'll think about it!
Fangirl:*____* Ohmiya is so totally a married couple!!<3 *writes fanfiction*
by MaybeCanBe July 31, 2011
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