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Off G.P is short for "Off General Purpose" - to do something you don't necessarily have to but would be practical given the situation and/or circumstances; just because.
A) It's not a special day but I love her so I bought her flowers off gp.

B) I don't know? Craig is usually pretty cool but see that guy over there...he's coach's son. Er'body say he's been getting over and talking mad shit all season. So when he tried that mess at the party last night...instead of walking away, I guess Craig just beat his ass off gp.
by Bornscorpion October 04, 2011
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1. Doing something and not giving a fuck about how they/you feel about it.

2. Total disregard of someones feelings
You lucky if i don't spit in your face off GP and what bitchass nigga "CAN'T BEAT ME".
by Dre G. Day September 05, 2007
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