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A place where courage the dog would live(Nowhere). Some where the love guru would not change to Now here. Some sections of this sad town(that's right Odessa, your downtown is horrible, and the place is not big enough to be called a city) holds some interesting people. locals call Odessa: Odezzy or O-town to make it sound cool. Which only fails.

Some "good" points about Odessa:
-It is home to Permian High School( that school that has a movie and book about it.)
-There's hardly and cops that do their job.
-there's mesquite for the BBQ lovers out there
-You can walk everywhere in the town, nothing's that far from you.thats about town
Fred: "I heard you moved man! Where to?"
Mike: "Dude, i moved to Odessa, Texas."
Fred: "What's it like?"
Mike: "Everything looks pretty dead. Hardly any grass or trees. OH! I'm going to Permian though!"
Fred: "That's cool?"
Mike:" You dont know Permian?"
Fred: " No"
by February 26, 2011
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