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1. A variation on the on the ubiquitous expression "bits and pieces" in the U.K. A miscellany of objects, tasks, or issues.

2. A reference to a group of of unnamed individuals who are related in some general way.
1. Now that I've got the odds and sods sorted, I can relax.

2. At the monthly local council meeting, the usual assortment of odds and sods was in attendance.
by NotSamuelJohnson February 12, 2010
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Third and final compilations album by The Who released September 28, 1974.Comprised of more rarities and b-sides.
Odds and Sods:
1."Postcard (song)" (Entwistle) – 3:27
2."Now I'm a Farmer" – 3:59
3."Put the Money Down" – 4:14
4."Little Billy" – 2:15
5."Too Much of Anything" – 4:26
6."Glow Girl" – 2:20
7."Pure and Easy" – 5:23
8."Faith In Something Bigger" – 3:03
9."I'm the Face" (Meaden) – 2:32
10."Naked Eye" – 5:10
11."Long Live Rock" – 3:54
by Taxman September 17, 2006
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