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A recognizable but exclusive ten member coven of college students based out of Clinton, New Jersey with the sole purpose of heavy drinking, random fuckery, and lifelong friendship. This abides by a Modus Operandi requiring a gathering or as they call it a "Bamboozle" within every break or period of time off of school. This group adheres to a governing policy of order which is controlled by elected officers. These positions include a President, Vice President, and Secretary of Acquisition. All of whom making decisions and enforcing regulations for members. While bylaws prohibit the consideration of new members, associates are always welcome to request admission into non-exclusive Oceanmen events. If one is to ask to become a member, a representative will likely suggest a course of action involving "fucking yourself", "further going to hell", and at times may recommend you "go eat a dick", but attendance of non-exclusive events can be requested.
"My trip to Ocean City, Maryland was a lot of fun but we had these 8 dickheads living next door to us and all we heard was laughing and puking all night"
"Oh wow, sounds like The Oceanmen were there!"
by Oceanman322 January 15, 2019
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