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The Oceanic region when it comes to gaming is the most cancerous region. This region is filled with tryhard after tryhard after tryhard. Internet lag after internet lag after internet lag because of Australia's and New Zealand's shitty internet providers. Join into a game such as CSGO or Call of Duty and immediately after you spawn, you get instantly sprayed by an LMG or an SMG. You also have people in Call of Duty who will do everything out of their way, including sweating their balls off, trying to get the medal that is known as a "Nuclear." Are you a fan of sniping? Well, too bad, because people who play FPS in the Oceanic region make it almost impossible to snipe unless your a tryhard. That's why you don't see many good Australian or New Zealand snipers making major teams. The exception to this is CSGO because in CSGO, sniping is easy. Playing a game such as Black Ops 3 in the Oceanic region will give you the biggest rage quit you have ever had on a game. This game is very fast paced, with the use of shitty jetpacks. All you see is sweaty kids flying over you spraying you with an smg from above. Above all, any gaming community in the Oceanic region is toxic and trash. All you get is Australian's and New Zealander's complaining to one another about how each other play the game and to fix their play styles. In conclusion, the Oceanic region is the worst region for gaming.
An american's interpretation be like: Woah! That's a sweaty tryhard. He must come from the Oceanic region (Gaming). Fucking Australian's and New Zealander's.
by Eima Aldmann June 09, 2018
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