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The Ban-Kai! or 'full release' of the male penis during orgasm while recieving brain (aka; dome,knowledge,gully,bop,head,blow job,mic check) during this process the penis outputs an enourmous energy that leads to a facial creampie. Masters of this technique such a Brandon Janes (1989-present) obtain full occipital explosion when the recivers occipital lobe in the back of the brain is blown completely off cause either instant death, or an endless paralysis seconded by permanent blindness.
"dude i was playing guitar hero while my girl was boppin me off and i beat 'through fire and flames' and an occipital explosion occured, blowing my girls dome off"

"holy shit! where did you learn how to do that.."

"Master Janes of the Myersville Dojo"
by Brandon 'Jon-yeahs' Janes December 04, 2007
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