Obsessive Disney Disorder: is an illness that is sweeping the world. It refers to people between the ages of 7-25 mostly girls, making ANYTHING DISNEY part of their everyday lives. Symptoms include: Speaking in Disney quotes from movies or TV shows, going online and looking up all the background information about Disney Parks. Dressing in Clothes that reflect Disney Character Constantly breaking out into Disney Song and Dance so as to express your true feelings, Looking for images, songs, catch phrases and either finding a sexual connotation or making it mean something way more dramatic and have some background secret story such as a hidden romance or for shadowing for a sequel, which may or not be true! ODD can only be cured by one person: CHUCK NORRIS and he can stop ODD by riding all the rides @ every Disney world/land in the word at once, but Chuck Norris does not ride rollercoaster’s because he does not need a track to go up and down, so the world continue to be plagued by ODD until all girls die from lack of true love, loss of hair do to unrealistic expectations, and most of all brain cell loss do to the time they spend in front of the TV and computer!
-Shit my GF has Obsessive Disney Disorder or ODD"
by Disneylover19 October 20, 2009
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