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A web-based disorder in which the patient is beset with the need to comment continuously on another's Facebook wall. Their dedicated doting is not done out of affection but out of an extreme insecurity. These positive comments are the web2.0 equivalent of pissing on a tree to mark territory. Attempts to delete these pheromone-infused comments will only accelerate their onslaught until you're inundated with notifications from being tagged in photos you aren't in, and your statuses being "liked" regardless of their content.
At first my boyfriend's “Can’t wait to see you!” and “Happy half-groundhog’s day!” facebook wall comments were cute, but after about the 16th “Looks like you had fun!” I realized that he was just suffering Obsessive Compulsive Digital Disorder and unfriended his insecure ass.
by Hazel R. Felix February 11, 2010
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