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ADJECTIVE and SIMILE: Resembling Barrack Obama; A distasteful and arrogant wretch.

1. Puerile or petulant; beyond Machiavellian and unwilling to accept the consequences of ones own actions.

2. A social agitator or controversial loon.

3. One who despises the existence of those who identify as Christians and/or Jews.

4. One who sympathizes with terrorists and/or actively supports enemies abroad.

5. One who displays excessive anti-American attitudes and behaviors.

6. To describe one who uses of fascism as a vehicle to convey progressive ideals.

7. Educators/teachers or school administrators who actively support seditious acts for the purposes of social agitation or hatred of the values of their country and people.
8. One who worships their own image and has an over-inflated opinion of themselves.
9. (As an obscenity)
1. My professor is so obamesque, that he flunks anyone who disagrees with him/her.

2. These laws are so obamesque that I'm not even allowed to voice my opinion without being labeled a "racist" or an "extremist".

3. The guy is obamesque to the point where his pride is entirely too overwhelming for normal, humble people.
4. His attitude was very obamesque in nature; the man simply looked at me and told me I was wrong without any explanation of logic or reason.
by Fed-up-majority December 30, 2016
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