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An occurrence whereby a person becomes so brainwashed and hypnotized with the unsubstantiated hopey changey rhetoric of Barack Hussein Obama that she is left permanently incapacitated to discern political reality and offers her rubberstamp approval of whatever he does.
Alliyah: I am so happy Barack Obama is President because he is pro-civil liberties, anti-war, and tough on Wall Street.

Willie: Did you have an obamalobotomy or something? Obama extended the Patriot Act, signed into law the NDAA allowing the indefinite detention and assassination of US citizens without due process, has not closed Guantanamo Bay, oversees a secretive kill list and drone assassination program, dropped bombs in 6 countries so far, and has not prosecuted a single banker that openly committed fraud in the 2008 mortgage crisis. Oh yeah, and he supports modern-day Jim Crow policies like the extremely racist drug war that has destroyed four generations of young African American males – and he was a drug user himself!

Alliyah: So what if he is acting like a George Bush totalitarian – he is a great inspirational speaker!
by TruthHurtsPlaya May 23, 2013
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