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The act of a womans vagina being opened beyond its original dimension by a particularly large african american penis.
Did you vote? yes I picked the black one hopefully he'll give me an Obama job
by Sexy Beast002 June 29, 2010
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A nonexistent job "created or saved" by the stimulus package. The job may exist in a nonexistent congressional district.
Obama acolyte: Obama created 20 new jobs in the 9th Congressional District of Arizona!

Man on the street: 20 new Obamajobs in the nonexistent 9th CD of Arizona? Really?
by Jamax November 16, 2009
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A rim job that is given to Obama because you miss him so much.
Person 1: Did you see the news last night?
Person 2: Yea, all that Trump shit is making me want to give a obamajob
Person 1: Maybe I can join in too.
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by Danthepussylicker April 06, 2017
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