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The most hipster and pretentious suburb ever. Actually, it shouldn't be called a suburb because no one has a car and every thing is reachable by bike or train or bus (or walking). Oak Park has a reputation as being super liberal and full of hipsters who had kids and moved out of Bucktown. The only grocery stores are whole foods and trader joe's, but most people go to the farmer's market anyway. The public schools are great, but they are infamous for breeding hippie kids who look down on kids from real suburbs as being "uncultured." Oak Park is also the Chicago version of Park Slope.
"I tried going to Oak Park, IL, but was kicked out because of my distaste for kale, lack of culture, and Mitt Romney bumper sticker."
"Good! We can't have close minded conservatives corrupting our children. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a peace vigil to go to."
by whatsupUD July 06, 2015
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