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Oak flats, a suburb between Warilla and Albion Park Rail.
Commonly known for junkies,drugos, sluts, faggots and wanna-bee's.

You cant have your lunch or dinner at the cafe without being either bullied, harrassed or attacked by the locals 12ives from the hang out point next the the library and bus stop, also known as 'check point'.
When driving through Oak Flats main street you will find ganga's standing on the corner at charcol chicken.
Prostitutes get mistaken by coming to Oak Flats's Wentworth Street and living in houses along there instead of Port Kembla's Wentworth Street.
When pasing by You can find a good time at the local brothel on Industrial Road.
OMG, 12ives are harrassing me at the cafe, we must be in Oak Flats
by 902104465738 November 12, 2011
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