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Tha hardest Crip gang down in Oak Cliff, Texas. We bang dat blue and white. We throw up the regular Oak Cliff hand sign, but add some extra C's on that ho. It look a lil bit like the Compton Crip sign. Oak Cliff Crip got beef with OKB, aka Oak Kliff Slobs and erryother MOBK out there, so muthafucc a lollipop MOB. Its ON CUZZ erry gottdamn day, bro!
Oak Cliff Crip (1): Awwready, cuzz! Gettin' ready to hit up Racc Daddy's to box with these Kiest n Polk Slobz, cuzz!

Oak Cliff Crip (2): Real talk? Let's get rowdy-rowdy then! These slob niggas can't stand up to a Oak Cliff Crip!
by Oak C^liff C^rip February 15, 2010
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