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1. Noun The stereotypical girl at The Ohio State University; Ugg boot wearing, northface coat owning, legging dawning girls that after three drinks lovely grind with anybody (assuming they aren't a nice guy).

2. Noun Girls that believe a job is determined by slut-appeal and therefore choose to forgo useless things like classes
1. "OSU Girls" in fitness class

OSU Girl 1: Hey that was a great party last night

OSU Girl 2: I know, I had so much fun grinding with those two guys with wide-brimmed hats and smoking that cigarette! I even managed to get drunk enough to miss my morning class!

2. Guys walking across the oval

Guy 1: Dude, do you see that OSU girl?

Guy 2: Which one, they all look the same?

3. A general example 1

Did you hear that OSU girl dumped her engineering boyfriend in favor of the communications major dropout?

4. A general example 2

With her tight leggings, generic Ugg boots, and bitchy demeanor, she is the OSU girl I wish I could be.

5. Two OSU girls getting ready to go out

OSU girl 1: Even though I wear the same slutty outfits and have a 2.0 GPA in my communication major I still have the right to be a bitch.

OSU girl 2: Yes
by Gralberman January 17, 2011
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