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The K-8th Catholic grade school in Newport Beach, CA. Full of rich kids that are always driven home in Ferraris, Mercedes, BMWs, Escalades, Rolls Royces, and Bentleys. Pretty much all 8th graders end up going to Mater Dei HS. The 5th grades are always annoying. Very conservative school, on hat day pretty much all the kids wore trump hats.
Sam: Where do you go to school?

Daniel: OLQA of course!

Sam: Ok Daniel, what kind of car do your parents have?

Daniel: Range Rover and Mercedes of course!

Sam: Who you want for president?

Daniel: TRUMP!
by Ship name- KAX March 08, 2017
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Olqa is a Christian school that is filled w many legends the biggest legend group was class of 2019 it was a all round great group w huge ass cocks they destroyed everyone and fuked shit up they were called olqa boys they did watever they wanted and everyone were there slaves they just fuked shit up and were dank ass kids they will be missed by olqa for the rest of olqa schools life OLQA BOYS will go down in history. Olqa education is shit and everyone is brain dead there but olqa is a fun place to fuk shit up. We luv olqa and a lot of people call it gay but olqa is not gay and is the best school in the entire world and no one can beat it olqa school will be forever and the chicks r usually annoying there but the olqa boys just put them in there cage the guys there r the hottest men u can see once u lay eyes on the boys all the girls faint from orgasms. The boys are irresistible and all the hot girls from cdm want them. All olqa kids are depressed bc all the cool kids go to the school right next to them called CDM and all the hot kids go there and drug addicts. OLQA BOYS r the sexciest and will go down in history to be the best gang in the world
Damn you go to OLQA ur so sick can I suk ur dick ur so hot
by QB PACHIN June 18, 2019
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