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Before the band Radiohead released the massively popular album OK Computer, they went through a number of different titles, including but not limited to OK Prime Minister, OK Calculator, OK 1984, and AB Positive. OK Potato was eventually decided upon as the final title, however, no less than six hours before the album was to be released to the public, a groundbreaking machine called the "Computer" was invented, and the band decided that this was to be the new title for their album. Therefore, the first 100 copies of the album ever released had hand-drawn inserts, as there was no time to print new covers. Furthermore, pirate releases of the album also bear the distinctive vegetable and text of OK Potato.
"Hey, have you heard Radiohead's OK Computer album?"

"Yeah, but hardcore fans still call it OK Potato..."
by Brian Damage August 27, 2005
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