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When someone says something in a game is OP or Imbalanced, and nystrom says its fine.

Then, when you challenge him to show him that its OP / Imba, he beats your ass.
evo: "crocs are OP!"
nystrom: "no its not"
evo: "ill show you"
nystrom: "ok"

20mn later

evo: "gg :("


dgn: "lets play 2v2, me and l33tff against you and evo"
nystrom: "ok"
dgn: "what map?"
nystrom: "lorraine"
dgn: "but allies is OP on that map"
nystrom: "well be axis"
dgn: "ok, but well beat you in no time"
nystrom: "hell no, well beat you, and then laugh at you for 2 years"

30min later

nystrom: "told you"
evo: "thats nystrom magic for you"
by evotech September 15, 2007
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