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A game invented using an emtpy plastic bottle( like an empty Mountain Due bottle) to knock around a table until fallen off. The goal is to knock the bottle off using only your elbows or (nubs). Several players gather around and the game starts with one person simply hitting the bottle with his or her nub accross the table. Others at the table notice and join in until a game is broken out with teams and scorekeeping. Very popular during lunch at highschool cafaterias.

Also wrote as "Nuball"
Boy one: "Hey James, finish your Coka-Cola so we can play another round of Nub Ball."

James: "What happened to the last bottle?"

Boy one: "The damn teacher took it cause we were practicaly throwing the bottle at each other. LOL"

James: "Well in that case."-drinks faster-"Your going down bitch!"
by MajorMozes August 29, 2007
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