Something said by an idiot before something bad happens.
Person 1: Why did we go off the forest path, what if we get attacked?
Person 2: Don't be scared. Nothing bad will happen, okay?
Person 1: Is that a bear coming over here?!
by yay🙃 June 7, 2021
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An overused joke used by redditors/bandkids to reference a MTV show called Clone High. This show is "ok" but they praise it to be the best thing to ever walk gods green Earth.
*Sees JFK Clone High meme for the millionth time* go to comments and its almost guaranteed that a bandkid/redditor made the comment," nothing bad ever happened to the Kennedys". This is done for easy likes from other humorless saps.
by Regular person#4643461 September 20, 2020
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