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When you unexpectedly walk into a bathroom that someone has just destroyed with a massive dookie bomb. The initial shock of the pungent odor filling your nose makes you stand stiff as your eyes roll back in your head. If you've ever experienced these symptoms, you were the victim of a Nostril Knockout....and it sucks to be you.

*Note* Old, overweight truckers who eat cloves of garlic whole, are the undisputed kings of the porcelain. It'd take years of training (and junk food) to dethrone them.
*Guy* Dude, I opened the bathroom door and the "Iron" Mike Tyson of poop hit me with a nasty left my nose bleeding?

*Other Guy* You were out for a good 10 seconds, so I called the fight due to Nostril Knockout.
by KingofBattleshits February 19, 2011
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