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Norton Glen-it boarders the bitch ass town of Easton,some people think of the Glen as the ''ghetto" part of Norton,i dont agree or disagree. With all the drugs,mexicans and drama. If you live there or you have lived there it kinda sucks sometimes,but you kinda get used to it.It used to be nice back in the day with Al but now ruled with an iron fist female reancarnation of Adolf Hitler-Magarete!-who everyone wants to die in a ditch. With all the minors asking people to go to Quick Stop to buy Tabbacco products to buying Zig Zags and Dutch blunt wraps to goin to buy liquor at indepndent liquors-If you want a packy, a nice bag of marijuana,to make an incognito drug deal or to see the increasing mexican population the norton glen is for you(warning! do not piss off original Glen Rats!).
Eric:''hay Steve go buy me some papers so i can roll a couple fattys."

Steve:"What kind?"


Eric:"Zig Zags!"

Steve:"King size or regular?"


Steve:"Good theres alot of pot heads in Norton Glen."
by Coyle124 October 16, 2009
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