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Contrary to the biased views on the Northern Fraternity that the geographically lower Fraternities of America have created, Northern Fraternites are known everywhere for their hospitality, respect towards women, and culture. Northern Fraternities were the first to be founded, and first to quicken the ethical code of our nation. A Northern fraternity man will be the first to display these characteristics. Southern Fraternities may claim to be cultured gentlemen when in reality many of them hold the same ideals embraced by most Southern citizens of the early 1860's, which directly inhibits the diffusion of American culture on many levels. Many are quick to forget that 90% of the clothing styles worn by Southern fraternities were all procreated in the North, and designed for Northern culture and tradition. Any use of derogatory Fraternal slang is the primary way to identify a true fraternity man from the any sub-par organization.
A Northern Fraternity will follow a fraternal code, and express the class that Southern Fraternities claim they have.
by Spirit of Fraternalism November 23, 2010
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