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A small town nessled in the middles of the woods in New Hampshire. Its beautiful if you love constant sense of de ja vu. "This looks familiar, I think I've been here before. Yep, that tree definitely looks familiar. But then, there ARE nothing but trees here."

This small town leaves little to do by way of entertainment, and typical night consists of partying in a friend's basement playing games like Asshole and King's Cup, both of which games roughly translate to "get drunk and naked."

Those are aren't showing some skin under the influence of liquor are stupified by gaming graphics that give their stoner brains a "workout".

A place of small town drama and politics combined with a teenage population with raging hormone levels (must be something in the water) leaves the casual visiter longing for escape, or at least a few keychains engraved with "how to keep an idiot busy-> turn over" on both sides to make things interesting.
North Haverhill, New Hampshire is an end all death trap. You'll never get out once you get in.
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