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The most awesomest suburb to live in ever. it is located in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. It is an inner-city suburb

Kind of near Carlton and Fitzroy. close to the city/ melbourne's CBD

The people there are totally awesome, and indie but not try-hard. they aren't always indie. the houses are cool and it has some mighty fine shops and hangouts. there are no criminals or rich snobs in north fitzroy because it is too good for that.
people who live in the eastern suburbs are always in envy of us inner-city people. if you want to be rad, go live in north fitzroy. it will increase your street cred.
Person A: Hey, where do you live?
Person B: North Fitzroy
Person A: Sick. You are now the coolest person ever in my eyes
by northfitzroyresident March 06, 2011
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