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Drinking game consisting of two or four combatants divided into two teams. Game is played on a flat board with a huge picture of Chuck Norris in his finest Canadian tuxedo on it. Combatants attempt to toss one of Chuck Norris's testicles shaped like a ping-pong ball into one of the opposing teams beer filled cups. If said testicle enters the opposing teams cup, the opposing team must consume the beer in that cup before play can resume. Game continues until one team is out of cups...and drunk. See beer-pong. *NOTE* Under ideal circumstances, the "Chuck Norris song" from SNL must be played continuously for the duration of play. Norris Ball may not be played, under any circumstances, until the Norris "Principles for Life" have been read and agreed upon by all eligible combatants.
"Hey Mike, get off your lazy ass and get dominated at some Norris Ball"
by Dr. Andrew HAS October 15, 2006
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