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Something really mean inside some online circles. What forum? Real life? Wait, am I not playing The Sims 3 right now!?

In the investigator profession you'll sometimes get a case where one Sim becomes butthurt about something another Sim said on a forum so they contact a private investigator to hack their computer. Your Sim doesn't hack their computer. Instead, your Sim goes on the forum themselves to call the Sim a "noopen poopen" which is something along the lines of "slutty whore." You then go back to the butthurt Sim and tell them what you did. They will gasp as if you are white and just said "nigger" and then you promptly get 500 Simoleons and job performance for trolling a forum.

All of that for the low, low price of $40 for the Ambitions expansion pack! Wow, what a great deal! EA sure does care about their customers!
Hey, guys, I just had a mission on The Sims 3 where I called another Sim a "noopen poopen." Isn't that hilarious?


Oh, wait, I have no friends. I don't need them anyway because friends are only noopen poopens. BRB, going to go cry while I make my Sims' wedding perfect.
by Kinky Booty Pop January 10, 2015
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