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Is a Rodent Species, most commonly the white-footed mouse (Peromyscus leucopus) commonly found in Canada, England and South Africa among other countries. These rodents migrates from one region to another and is known to carry a disease called SocioEconomicoDisruptus(SED)- Level 3. This disease is not generally passed from rodent to human in the infested region, however has been. SED-Level 3 is known to strongly produce a human-like behavior known as Sociopathic Dysfunction. Some Symptoms of this human-like behavior are as follows.
Superficial charm
Apparent lack of remorse or empathy; inability to care about hurting natives
Narcissism, elevated self-appraisal or a sense of extreme entitlement
Tendency to violate the boundaries and "rights" of others
Disruptive and Aggressive, sometimes violent behavior; prone to causing fights
Rodents with SEDof antisocial personality disorder often experience difficulties with authority figures.
The Noonie Mouse is now reported to infest Countries like the Cayman Islands and many other regions where 'Pest Control' is minimal.
by Acero April 18, 2009
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