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A Girl who is pretty much awesome all around. She's caring and sympathetic, but she doesn't take shit from anybody, especially haters. Also, she is witty. A girl who is super witty, on the spot.
Guy 1:"Hahaha, did you hear what Noobie Choobies just said?"
Guy 2:"No, what?"
Guy 1:"You had to be there, hahahahaha." (AUTUMN :)

Guy 3:"Oh, Sam, How I appreciate her."
Guy 4:"She's so considerate."
Guy 3:"That's Noobie Choobies for ya."

Guy 5:"That girl doesn't take shit from no body."
Guy 6:"That's right, she's Noobie Choobies."
by Bonicle :) October 09, 2010
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