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The classic game of covert, brazen fapping in a relaxed hangout with two or more conscious and unsuspecting friends present. One is most successful under a blanket or snuggie, suppressing urges of heavy breathing, distinctive skin-clapping noises, and the desire to turn the pornhub mobile volume higher. The burden of proof rests with the masturbater (henceforth known as the fooler) in presenting a seawater scented tissue or pair of boxers upon completion. In coastal regions, where this smell is continually airborne, the fooler may show their freshly dripping partial to their peers to chalk up a win.
Tanio: "Ha! You guys are none the wiser! Get a whiff of this!"
Mxke Purp: "Doesn't count. I pointed out your phallic shadow cast on the wall to Nandy a minute ago. We let you finish out of courtesy."
Tanio: "Fine, I'll get my parents on the ride home."
by Banandy June 18, 2014
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