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Formula created as a response to the popular University of Florida sports drink ,"Gatorade", after rival college, Florida State University actually banned Gatorade from its campus. Nole Ade was named after the Florida State Seminoles, just like Gatorade was named after the Florida Gators. It was a huge flop for two reasons: 1) Nole Ade came in a can. 2) The name sounds strange.
John: Hey man what are you drinking?
James: Nole Ade.
John: What? Sounds like a brand of cough syrup. Can I try? {tastes it} Yeah, tastes like Gatorade.
James: There is no Gatorade on this campus!
John: Dude, I hate to say it, but your college has brainwashed you.
by Lance Bennett May 28, 2009
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